AI-Powered platform to
buy & hold Digital Swiss Gold

It is a digital platform for investors to buy, hold, sell, and gift 24K Swiss gold in a simple, safe, and cost-effective way. Alankit, known for its extensive presence in banking and investment sector, offers an innovative approach to ...accumulate gold in fractional quantities, execute real-time trades in just a few clicks.

The robust digital platform allows investors to start investing in Swiss gold and unlock unprecedented growth driven by long-term savings. Investors can open a Digital Swiss Gold account online and with fractional gold investing as a feature, buy as little as 1 gram of gold.

Salient Features

  • Physical Gold Ownership
  • Blockchain technology
  • Fully allocated Swiss gold
  • Competitive and transparent pricing
  • LBMA Certified Swiss gold, (999.9) purity
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Picture of gold bar with serial number from refiner
  • Digital warehouse receipt
  • Storage in fully insured non-bank Brink's vaults in Zurich Switzerland

Ensuring Easy Accessibility of Swiss Gold to Everyone

At Alankit, our aim is to redefine wealth by making gold accessible to everyone with a promise of higher security.

Primary Reasons to associate with Us

  • Opportunity to win gold and rewards
  • Free monthly newsletter from our experts
  • Exclusive offers
  • Buy as little as 1 gram of gold
  • Registered with Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC)
  • Experienced Team of professionals

Enrollment Process for Android Users


Alankit Imaginations Limited

Alankit is a well-diversified consortium of 14 Group Companies, recognized as a pioneer in delivering an integrated portfolio of varied business services in vital segments like e-Governance, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Insurance Broking. Alankit Imaginations Limited, the subsidiary company of Alankit, excels in dealing with the sale/purchase of all types of commodities and derivatives, traded on the commodity exchanges. Having partnered with all major active Commodity Exchanges in India other than being an active member of the Indian Energy Exchange (IEX), AIL offers an array of services under the Derivatives Market segment of NCDEX, MCX, IEX, and ICEX.

The Company drives digital transformation by capitalizing on modern core technology, harnessing artificial intelligence, and automating business operations to help clients grow and thrive in the digital age. Having created an unrivalled platform by achieving the milestones, Alankit has been duly recognized by well-known organizations for its diligent efforts toward achieving the breakthrough moment that propelled it from early-stage struggles into a wave of success.

With its headquarter at Delhi, Alankit banks upon its team of professionals which help facilitate operations through a wide PAN India network of 19 Regional Offices, spread out at 8000+ Business Locations in 673+ Cities, catering to over 25 Million Customers. Our key competitive advantage today is our reputation for excellent customer service.

Digital Swiss Gold is the business name for DSG - Digital Swiss Gold (Jersey) Limited. Digital Swiss Gold is registered with the Jersey Financial Services Commission and meets all legal and regulatory requirements imposed by Jersey and other laws. Digital Swiss Gold receives advice and other services from a professional administrator firm in Jersey as well as legal advice from multiple leading global law firms.

Digital Swiss Gold provides a modern and innovative way to buy and hold gold for long-term savings. You can buy, sell and store gold via our simple to use DSG Mobile App. Your gold is stored in fully insured non-bank Brink’s vaults in Zurich Switzerland. You get all the benefits of gold as an investment (store of value, stability and return) without any of the hassles (finding a supplier and storage and paying for third-party mark ups). Gold purchased through DSG meets the highest standards, being Swiss refined, of 0.9999 fineness and compliant with all London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) gold bar specifications. Your purchase is recorded permanently on the Linux Foundation Hyperledger Blockchain, and you are issued a proof of ownership in the form of a digital warehouse receipt which contains such vital information as your gold holding’s account number, bar serial number and vault location. You can see your gold holding balances and other related information anytime from anywhere using the DSG Mobile App

Upon completion of a purchase on the DSG Mobile App, you receive a digital warehouse receipt detailing the following specifics about your gold transaction: digital warehouse receipt date of issuance, name of the holder, account number, gold bar serial number, gold amount, vault location, gold refiner, hallmark verification and associated Linux Foundation Hyperledger Blockchain number. The gold you purchase is always Swiss refined, always meets LBMA Good Delivery gold bar specifications and is always held in fully insured non-bank Brink’s vaults in Zurich Switzerland. Unlike with ETFs and other similar structures, where investors have an interest in a pooled store of gold, the gold you purchase through the DSG Mobile App is allocated specifically to you (per the information on the digital warehouse receipt). We at DSG have engaged with Bureau Veritas to provide an independent, third-party verification of your gold’s purity, weight and holdings and with Moore Global/Armanino to allow you online access to their independent, third-party audit of your gold holdings. In addition, you can see your gold holding balances and other related information anytime from anywhere using the DSG Mobile App.

Buying gold is quick and straightforward from Alankit via the DSG Mobile App. Simply visit here, download the app from Google Play, sign up for an account, complete a quick online KYC/AML, choose the amount of gold you wish to purchase and make a payment using a credit/debit card that is enabled for international payments. You can complete the entire process in a matter of minutes! With 24/7 customer support, we are here to answer any questions along the way

At Alankit we believe in transparent pricing and no hidden fees. There are no vault or storage fees charged on the gold you purchase through the DSG Mobile App. We do charge administrative, credit/debit card and foreign currency (FX) fees. When you buy or sell gold, the DSG Mobile App conveniently shows the Live SG Buy Gold Price and Live SG Sell Gold Price on the Account screen. These live prices include administrative, credit/debit card and foreign currency (FX) fees. So, there are no surprises at checkout!

Safety, security and trust are key concerns for every gold investor. At Alankit, we take these three pillars as seriously as you do. The gold you purchase through DSG is held in fully insured non-bank Brink’s vaults in Zurich Switzerland. Your vaulted gold is independently verified by Bureau Veritas and independently audited by Moore Global/Armanino. Finally, DSG uses the latest in blockchain technology to document your gold ownership

No, currently you cannot take physical delivery in India. Our primary business is to allow you to buy and hold gold for savings at fully insured non-bank Brink’s vaults in Zurich Switzerland. You can sell your gold anytime and have the funds sent to your bank account. Most clients find that we are up to 10% lower in price when compared to the local Indian market. While your gold is outside of India, there is no import duty or GST. Were delivery permitted, those import duties and GST, as well as transportation costs, would be prohibitive.

We are exploring alternative solutions that will allow you to use the DSG Mobile App to purchase physical gold locally in India

You do have the right to collect your gold in Switzerland for a fee.

All gold purchases made through the DSG Mobile App are stored at fully-insured non-bank Brink’s vaults in Zurich Switzerland. You are the owner of the gold you have purchased, as documented by the digital warehouse receipt you receive from us and the associated Linux Foundation Hyperledger Blockchain number.